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“1,3-Dialkylimidazolium-2-carboxylates: Intermédiaires pour l'accès aux liquides ioniques exempts d'ions halogénure, aux hétérocarbènes et aux ligands ioniques” 151
1,3-Dialkylimidazolium-2-carboxylates: An entry to halogen-free ionic liquids, heterocarbenes and functionalised ionic ligands 149
1,3-Dimethylimidazolium-2-carboxylate: the unexpected synthesis of an ionic liquid precursor and carbene-CO2 adduct 147
1,3-Dialkylimidazolium-2-carboxylates as versatile N-heterocyclic carbene–CO2 adducts employed in the synthesis of carboxylates and alpha-alkylidene cyclic carbonates 147
1,3-dialkylimidazolium-2-carboxylates as CO2-carriers: application in the synthesis of carboxylates, monomethylcarbonate anions and halogen free ionic liquids 144
Tetraphenylborate Anion as a Phenylating Agent: Chemical and Electrochemical Reactivity of BPh4--Rh Complexes toward Mono- and Dienes and Carbon Dioxide 131
Bioinorganic Chemistry of Nickel and carbon Dioxide: A Ni-Complex Behaving as a Model System for Carbon Monoxide Dehydrogenase Enzyme 112
CO2-catalysed carbamation of aminofunctional silanes 103
Prospects for the Utilization of Carbon Dioxide 102
Carbon dioxide utilisation in the chemical industry. 101
Direct synthesis of ESBO derivatives-18O labelled with dioxirane 99
Biological Utilization of Carbon Dioxide: the Marine Biomass Option 98
Carbon Dioxide as Modulator of the Oxidative Properties of Dioxygen in the Presence of Transition Metal Systems 96
Carbon Dioxide as Modulator of the Oxidative Properties of Dioxygen in the Presence of Transition Metal Systems 91
Reactivity of 1,3-dimethylimidazolium-2-carboxylate with dimethylcarbonate at high temperature: Unexpected 2-ethyl-functionalisation of the imidazolium moiety and employment of the NHC-CO2/dimethylcarbonate system in a base promoted reaction 90
Enzymatic synthesis of 4-OH-benzoic acid from phenol and CO2: the first example of a biotechnological application of a carboxylase enzyme 86
Prospects for the Utilization of Carbon Dioxide 85
Direct Carboxylation of C(sp3)-H and C(sp2)-H Bonds with CO2 by Transition-Metal-Catalyzed and Base-Mediated Reactions 83
Formation of Peroxocarbonates from L3Rh(O2)Cl and L2Ni(CO2). a unique reaction mechanism with carbon dioxide insertion into the O-O bond 82
Unique evidence for a Rh(III) to Rh(I) reduction by deoxygenation of a carbonate moiety to CO2 by an out-of-sphere phosphane 79
Enzymatic versus Chemical Carbon Dioxide Utilization. Part I. The Role of Metal Centres in Carboxylation Reactions 78
Mechanism of formation of the peroxocarbonate complex (PCy3)2Ni(CO4) from solid (PCy3)2Ni(CO2) and dioxygen: an example of solid-state metallorganic reaction involving CO2 deco-ordination and reinsertion into the O-O bond of (PCy3)2Ni(O2). Reactivity of the peroxocarbonate complex towards olefins in the solid state and in solution 78
Oxidative cleavage of lactams in water using dioxiranes; an expedient and environmentally-safe route to w-nitro acids 78
Developing Innovative Synthetic Technologies of Industrial Relevance based on Carbon Dioxide as Raw material 77
Formation of Peroxocarbonates from L3Rh(O2)Cl and L2Ni(CO2). a unique reaction mechanism with carbon dioxide insertion into the O-O bond 76
Mechanism of Formation of Peroxocarbonates RhOOC(O)O(Cl)(P)3 and Their Reactivity as Oxygen Transfer Agents Mimicking Monooxygenases. The First Evidence of CO2 Insertion into the O−O Bond of Rh(η2-O2) Complexes 75
A technology for the treatment of olive mill waste water in a continuous fed plant 73
The First Synthesis of a Cyclic Carbonate from a Ketal in SC-CO2 72
A Bonding-Reactivity Relationship for Ni(PCy3)2(CO2): A Comparative Solid-State-Solution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Study (31P, 13C) as a Diagnostic Tool To Determine the Mode of Binding of CO2 to a Metal Center 71
New ƒØ5- and ƒÝ-(O)-Rh(I) phenoxide complexes: synthesis, characterization and unconventional reactivity of ƒØ5-complexes towards carbon dioxide 70
Ionic Liquids, 3. Synthesis and Utilisation of Protic Imidazolium Salts in Homogeneous Catalysis 67
Direct synthesis of organic carbonates by oxidative carboxylation of olefins catalyzed by metal oxides: developing green chemistry based on carbon dioxide 64
Synthesis and utilisation of carbene carboxylates in organic synthesis 61
null 60
Ionic Liquids: media for better molecular catalysis 59
Carboxylation and Carbonatation of Organic Substrates: Two Low Energy Ways for the Fixation of Carbon Dioxide into Organic Materials (Molecular and Polymeric) 57
Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of Mn(II) complexes coordinating phenoxide and mono- and di-alkyl substituted phenoxide anions 57
"CO2-catalyzed carbamation of aminofunctional silanes" 56
Synthesis of 1,3-dialkylimidazolium-2-carboxylates by direct carboxylation of 1,3-dialkylimidazolium chlorides with CO2 56
Dérivés 2-carboxylates d’hétérocycle 55
Selective Palladium-catalysed dimerisation of methyl acrylate in ionic liquids: towards a continuous process 55
Oxidative addition of allyl-ammonium and -iminium tetraphenylborates to low valent complexes. II: synthesis, cristal structure and reactivity of chiral [(3C3H5)Ni(PCy3)(NH3)]BPh4 55
Mechanism of formation of Rh- and Ni-peroxocarbonates and their utilisation in olefin oxidation and carbonation reactions. Experimental and theoretical studies. 53
Mimetic Complexes of Phenol Carboxylase of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa: Direct Ring-carboxylation of Phenol 53
Abatement of polyphenols in industrial waste-waters: identification of new demethylating enzymes and their potential use in synthetic chemistry 53
Hydrogeneoimidazolium salts: bifunctional media for molecular catalysis 53
Reduction of Co-ordinated Carbon Dioxide to Carbon Monoxide via Protonation by Thiols and Other Broensted Acids Promoted by Ni-Sistems: a Contribution to the Understanding of the Mode of Action of the Enzyme Carbon Monoxide Dehydrogenase 53
Mimetic Complexes of Phenol Carboxylase of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa: Dyrect Ring-carboxylation of Phenol 52
Imidazolium-2-carboxylates: Versatile intermediates for the synthesis of ionic liquids and ligands 51
Biphasic Pd-catalysed Dimerisation of methyl acrilate using an Ionic liquid catalyst layer 51
Carbon dioxide utilization in chemical industry 50
Oxidative Addition of Ammonium and Iminium Tetraphenylborates to Low-Valent Metal Complexes. Evidence of Selective N-C and N-H Activation. A New, Easy Route to Cationic Allyl-and Hydrido Nickel Complexes 50
Learning from Nature : Phenol methylation promoted by a new cobalamin-dependent O-demethylating enzyme 49
Na+ promoted decarboxylation of 1,3-dialkylimidazolium-2-carboxylates and their utilization in the synthesis of organic carboxylates and alkylcarbonate anions 48
Application of the impulse oscillation model for modelling the formation of peroxocarbonates via carbon dioxide reaction with dioxygen transition metal complexes. A comparison with the experimental results obtained for Rh(η2-O2)ClP3 [P = phosphane ligand] 48
The Role of Metal-Ions in Carboxylation- and Reduction-Reactions Utilizing Carbon Dioxide 47
Oxidative carboxylation of olefins to afford organic carbonates: the role of metal catalysts under homogeneous and heterogeneous conditions 47
Selective synthesis of 4-OH-benzoic acid from phenol and CO2 under enzymatic catalysis. 47
Role of Mn and Co in the anaerobic degradation of phenolic compounds by Thauera aromatica 47
Model Compounds for Enzymes Utilizing Carbon Dioxide in the Synthesis of C1 Molecules and Carboxylates 46
Hydrogeneoimidazolium salts: bifunctional media for molecular catalysis 46
Thauera aromatica can utilise ferulic and veratric acids as sole source of carbon in liquid cultures and in anaerobic conditions 45
Coordination of BPh4- Anion to Metal Centres. Synthesis and Characterization of {[(C2H4)2Rh(6-Ph)]2BPh2}O3SCF3 and {[(C2H4)2Rh(6-Ph)]3BPh}(O3SCF3)2: the First Examples of a Tetraphenylborate Anion Acting as a Twelve or Eighteen Electron Donor to Metal Centres 45
Electrophilic Attack at the Carbon Dioxide Moiety in Phosphocarbamates: an Easy Way to the Synthesis of Organic Carbamates 45
Metal-Ions Dependence and Mimetic Complexes of Phenol Carboxylase: a New Enzyme Catalyzing the Carboxylation of Phenol Using CO2 45
Solid state reactions implying deformation and cleavage of M-C bonds 44
Phenol Carboxylase: a New Enzyme Using CO2 in Organic Substrates Functionalisation. Metal-ions Dependence and Mimetic Complexes 44
Utilization of Carbon Dioxide: a Strategy for the Control of its Level in the Atmosphere. The Role of the Photoconversion Technology 43
Coordination chemistry of phenoxide ligands to Mn(II) and its relevance to the enzymatic activity of phenylphosphate carboxylase 43
Synthesis and spectroscopic (1H NMR, ESR) characterization of new aryloxy-Mn(II) complexes: steric control over O- vs phenyl-pi-co-ordination of ArO- ligands (ArO- = C6H5O-, 4-methyl-C6H4O-, 3,5-dimethyl-C6H3O-, 2,6-di-tert-butyl-C6H3O-, 2,6-dimethyl-C6H3O-) to the "Mn(II)Cp" moiety and their reactivity with carbon dioxide 42
Tetraphenylborate coordination chemistry and reactivity of coordinated BPh4- anion. Syntheis, characterization and properties of mono- and polynuclear Rh(h6.BPh4) complexes 42
Reactivity of the Tetraphenylborate Anion Co-ordinated to Rh (I) 41
Complessi metallici mimetici di enzimi: riduzione del diossido di carbonio 41
Perspectives in the Utilization of Carbon Dioxide as a Source of Carbon. A Potential Strategy for Controlling the Carbon Dioxide Emission into the Atmosphere 40
Future trends in biotechnology: The influence of transition metals in the amelioration of the quality of biogas 40
The role of metal centres in reduction and carboxylation reactions utilizing carbon dioxide 40
Unprecedented synthesis of 1,3-dialkylimidazolium-2-carboxylate: Applications in the synthesis of halogen-free ionic liquids and reactivity as carbon dioxide transfer agent to active C-H bonds 40
Influence of iron, nickel and cobalt on biogas production during the anaerobic fermentation of FVG residual biomass 39
Use of Impulse Oscillation Model, IOM, for modelling the reaction of Rh(I)- and Ni(0)-dioxygen complexes with carbon dioxide. Modelling the synthesis and behaviour of peroxocarbonates as mono-oxygenase-like systems towards olefins and other oxophiles 39
Valutazione dell'approccio LCA per la sintesi di prodotti chimici 39
The Role of Metal Centres in Reduction and Carboxylation Reactions Utilizing Carbon Dioxide 39
The Role of Metal Centres in Reduction and Carboxylation Reactions Utilizing Carbon Dioxide 37
Utilization of CO2 in the Synthesis of Molecular Organic Carbonates Promoted by Metal Systems 36
Solid State and Solution 13C and 31P nmr Spectroscopy for Structural Characterization of CO2 Metal Complexes: the Case of Ni(PCy3)2(CO2) 35
Oxidative Addition of Ammonium and Iminium Tetraphenylborates to Low Valent Metal Complexes. Evidence of Selective N-C and N-H Activation 35
Utilization of CO2 in the Synthesis of Molecular Organic Carbonates Promoted by Metal Systems' 34
Small Molecules Co-ordination to Metal Centres. Utilization of Carbon Dioxide in Synthetic Chemistry 34
Unexpected 2-ethyl-functionalisation of 1,3-dimethylimidazol-2-ylidene with dimethylcarbonate: Use of the reaction system in organocatalysis. 34
Interazione di eterocumuleni con complessi di metalli di transizione. Reattività del legante fenil-8-dioxa-1,7-aza-4-fosfora(V)-8-bicicloottano(3.3.0.) in presenza di acidi di Lewis: mobilità del protone fosforanico 33
Synthesis, Characterization and Reactivity of Mono- and Polynuclear BPh4-Rh Complexes. Utilization of BPh4- as Phenylating Agent 32
Prospects for the Utilisation of Carbon Dioxide 32
Oxidative Addition of Benzyliminium tetraphenylborate to Pd(dba)(dppe): Synthesis and Catalytic Activity of [(dppe)Pd(dba)η1(N)-PhCH2N=CMe2)](BPh4)2 32
Degradation of phenolic compounds by Thauera aromatica: biotechnological application and synthesis of bio-mimetic complexes 31
Synthesis and Characterization of Mono- and Polynuclear BPh4-Rh Complexes. Utilization of BPh4- as Phenylating Agent 31
Correlazione reattività-struttura di sistemi metallici biomimetici della riduzione del CO2: il caso di Ni(PCy3)2(CO2 29
Reactivity of Ammonium and Iminium Tetraphenylborates towards Metal Centers in a Low Oxidation State: Evidence of Selective N-C and N-H Activation 29
Pd,Ni-catalyzed Selective Conversion of Primary and Secondary Amines into Isocyanates and Carbamoyl Chlorides: an Alternative Method to Phosgene for the Synthesis of Carbamates and Isocyanates 29
Oxidative Addition of Ammonium and Iminium Tetraphenylborates to Low Valent Metal Complexes. Evidence of Selective N-C and N-H Activation. Structure and reactivity of the new cationic Ni-complexes 27
Spectroscopic Characterization of (diphos)Rh(h6-PhBPh3) in Solution and Study on its Reactivity as a Total Phenylating Agent. Formation of C-C and C-C-C Bonds by Reaction with Aldehydes 27
Degradazione dell’acido ferulico in condizioni anaerobiche e caratterizzazione dell’attività di un nuovo enzima O-demetilante 27
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