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Activation profile of the F3/Contactin gene in the developing mouse cerebellum 100
Role of F3/contactin expression profile in synaptic plasticity and memory in aged mice 100
Modulation of Nerve Cell Differentiation: Role of Polyphenols and of Contactin Family Components 99
The gene encoding the mouse contactin-1 axonal glycoprotein is regulated by the collier/Olf1/EBF family early B-Cell factor 2 transcription factor 97
Dynamic Expression and New Functions of Early B Cell Factor 2 in Cerebellar Development 97
The role of Gpi-anchored axonal glycoproteins in neural development and neurological disorders. 91
Expression and release of phosphatidylinositol anchored cell surface molecules by a cell line derived from sensory neurons 90
Polyphenol effects on splenic cytokine response in post-weaning contactin 1-overexpressing transgenic mice. 90
The F3/11 cell adhesion molecule mediates the repulsion of neurons by the extracellular matrix glycoprotein J1-160/180 86
F3/Contactin acts as a modulator of neurogenesis during cerebral cortex development 84
A novel soluble brain-specific protein (Sy-1):identification and partial characterization 82
F3/contactin promotes hippocampal neurogenesis, synaptic plasticity and memory in adult mice 81
Functional organization of the promoter region of the mouse F3 axonal glycoprotein gene 81
Differential expression of mouse neural cell-adhesion molecule (N-CAM) mRNA species during brain development and in neural cell lines 79
F3/contactin and TAG1 play antagonistic roles in the regulation of sonic hedgehog-induced cerebellar granule neuron progenitor proliferation 79
The mouse neuronal cell surface protein F3: a phosphatidylinositol anchored member of the immunoglobulin superfamily related to chicken Contactin 78
Significance of F3/Contactin gene expression in cerebral cortex and nigrostriatal development 78
Transgenic mice expressing F3/contactin from the transient axonal glycoprotein promoter undergo developmentally regulated deficits of the cerebellar function 76
Early coevolution of adhesive but not antiadhesive tenascin-R ligand-receptor pairs in vertebrates: A phylogenetic study 74
Cross-talk between F3/Contactin and Notch at the axoglial interface: a role in oligodendrocyte development 74
Different domains of the F3 neuronal adhesion molecule are involved in adhesion and neurite outgrowth promotion 73
null 72
Ontogenetic changes of the soluble and membrane-bound D2 glycoprotein in rat forebrain 71
Influence of infliximab on keratinocyte apoptosis in psoriasis patients 71
Studies on the transmembrane disposition of the neural cell adhesion molecule N-CAM. The use of liposome-inserted radioiodinated N-CAM to study its transbilayer orientation 70
Cell adhesion molecules in neural development and disease 70
F3/Contactin-related proteins in Helix pomatia nervous tissue (HCRPs): Distribution and function in neurite growth and neurotransmitter release 68
Studies on the transmembrane disposition of the neural cell adhesion molecule N-CAM. A monoclonal antibody recognizing a cytoplasmic domain and evidence for the presence of phosphoserine residues 68
The neuronal growth and regeneration associated Cntn1 (F3/F11/Contactin) gene is duplicated in fish: expression during development and retinal axon regeneration 68
A soluble form of the F3 neuronal cell adhesion molecule promotes neurite outgrowth 68
Molecular and cellular models of neuronal differentiation 66
Alternative promoters drive the expression of the gene encoding the mouse axonal glycoprotein F3/contactin 65
Ontogenetic changes of the soluble and membrane-bound D2 glycoprotein in rat forebrain 64
Gestational all-trans retinoic acid treatment in the rat: Neurofunctional changes and cerebellar phenotype 64
Expression of the immunoglobulin superfamily cell adhesion molecule F3 by oligodendrocyte-lineage cells 62
Isolation of mouse N-CAM-related cDNA: detection and cloning using monoclonal antibodies 62
F3/F11 cell surface molecule expression in the developing mouse cerebellum is polarized at synaptic sites and within granule cells 61
Role of the adhesion molecule F3/Contactin in synaptic plasticity and memory. 59
Transgenic mice expressing F3/contactin from the TAG-1 promoter exhibit developmentally regulated changes in the differentiation of cerebellar neurons 55
Identification and cDNA cloning of a new member of the L2/HNK-1 family of neural surface glycoproteins 48
Developmental changes of NCAM in human cerebellum 46
Regional distribution and cell type-specific expression of the mouse F3 axonal glycoprotein: a developmental study 44
null 44
Characterization and role of Helix contactin-related proteins in cultured Helix pomatia neurons 44
Expression of the cell adhesion glycoprotein F3 in adult magnocellular neurons is regulated by neurohypophysial secretion 43
Characterization of the 5’ and promoter region of the gene encoding the mouse neuronal cell adhesion molecule F3 37
Soluble and insoluble antigens of adult rat brain 37
[Analysis of proteins and glycoproteins from adult bovine cerebellum. II. Quantitative separation by Con A Sepharose chromatography] 36
Transfected F3/F11 neuronal glycoprotein mediates cell adhesion and promotes neurite outgrowth 34
Structural and functional studies on N-CAM neural cell adhesion molecules 33
Use of chimaeric F3-NCAM molecules to explore the propiertes of VASE exon in modulating polysialylation and neurite outgrowth 31
Transgenic models for studying expression and function of axonal adhesive glycoproteins 31
Functional studies and cellular distribution of the F3 GPI-anchored adhesion molecule 29
Some immunological determinants of Con A positive glycoproteins of rat brain 29
Molecular and cellular substrates for the Friedreich Ataxia. significance of contactin expression and of antioxidant administration 27
A key role for the HLH transcription factor EBF2COE2,O/E-3 in Purkinje neuron migration and cerebellar cortical topography 21
The mouse F3/contactin glycoprotein: Structural features, functional properties and developmental significance of its regulated expression 20
Neurobehavioral studies, in transgenic F3/CONTACTIN (C57BL/6J × CBA) mice, on cognitive and anxiety aspects during late-adolescential period. 19
F3: a new developmentally regulated member of the HNK-1 family 19
Isoelectric focusing and crossed immunoelectrofocusing of cerebrospinal fluid proteins in neurological disorders 13
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