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Nome #
Geology of Mar Piccolo, Taranto (southern Italy): the physical basis for remediation of a polluted marine area 129
Reservoir Structure and Hydraulic Properties of the Campi Flegrei Geothermal System Inferred by Audiomagnetotelluric, Geochemical, and Seismicity Study 116
Geoelectrical resistivity variations and lithological composition in coastal gypsum rocks: A case study from the Lesina Marina area (Apulia, southern Italy) 112
Insights into fluid circulation across the Pernicana Fault (Mt. Etna, Italy) and implications for flank instability 106
A method to determine the magnetotelluric static shift from DC resistivity measurements in practice 101
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null 96
Electrical signature of modern and ancient tectonic processes in the crust of the Atlas mountains of Morocco 92
Dynamics of internal and external origin revealed by a single-site magnetotelluric monitoring 90
A sea-to-ground magnetovariational method 90
Measuring apparent resistivity in a seismically active area of southern Italy 89
Geological and geo-structural characterization of the Montemurro area (Southern Italy) inferred from audiomagnetotelluric survey 88
Possible source effects observed in a Magnetotelluric Monitoring site in Southern Italy 85
Stability analysis of apparent resistivity measurement in the seismically active area of Val d'Agri (southern Italy) 84
DERT and Magnetotelluric Investigation of Bradano Foredeep Deposits 81
Wavelet analysis at orbital time scales in Cretaceous paleomagnetic and lithological data series 79
Comment on "Deep resistivity cross section of the intraplate Atlas Mountains (NW Africa): New evidence of anomalous mantle and related Quaternary volcanism" 79
Two-level magnetovariational measurements for the determination of underground resistivity distributions 78
Using the ERT method in tectonically active areas: hints from Southern Apennine (Italy) 76
Deep Resistivity Image of the Agri Valley, Southern Italy 75
Extracting quantitative dynamics in Earth’s apparent resistivity time series by using the detrended fluctuation analysis 75
1D Model validation for the variations in Earth's apparent resistivity of Barricelle site (southern Italy) 75
Detailed imaging of tectonic structures by multiscale earth resistivity tomographies: the Colfiorito normal faults (Central Italy) 73
null 72
About the shallow resistivity structure of Vesuvius volcano 70
Analysis of the temporal variation of the apparent resistivity measurement in the seismic active area of Val d’Agri (southern Italy): preliminary results 70
Quantifying persistent behavior in earth's apparent resistivity time series 69
null 69
Study of apparent resistivity fluctuations by using Detrended Fluctuation Analysis observed in a continuous magnetotelluric monitoring station located in Agri Valley (Southern Italy) 67
Experimental Evidence Of Resistivity Frequency-Dispersion in Magnetotellurics in Newberry (Oregon), Snake River Plain (Idaho) and Campi Flegrei (Italy) Volcano-geothermal areas 67
null 66
Quaternary tectonostratigraphic evolution of the Vlora Basin, south-western Albania 65
Electric and electromagnetic outline of the Mount Somma-Vesuvius structural setting 64
null 60
Buried volcanic structures in the Gulf of Naples (Southern Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy) resulting from high resolution magnetic survey and seismic profiling 55
Magnetotellurics: An Overview 55
High resolution magnetic anomaly map of the Bay of Naples (Southern Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy) 54
Earth’s apparent resistivity analysis in a seismic area of southern Italy 53
Contribution to the definition of the structural model of the Vesuvius by magnetotelluric measurements 53
Correlation between resistivity and seismicity at Etna volcano (Italy) 53
Non-uniform scaling features in magnetotelluric signals and possible correlation with seismicity 52
Structural imaging of the Pernicana Fault System through the joint use of electrical and magnetotelluric investigation 52
Wavelet analysis on paleomagnetic (and computer simulated) VGP time series 50
Premises for a new telluric prospecting system 49
A magnetotelluric study along a SW-NE transect in Northern Umbria. In Results of the CROP03 deep seismic reflection profile 49
Magneto-seismic interpretation of subsurface volcanism in the Gaeta Gulf (Italy, Tyrrhenian Sea) 48
Deep electrical resistivity tomography and geothermal analysis of Bradano foredeep deposits in Venosa area (Southern Italy): first results 48
Magnetotelluric measurements (Vesuvius) 48
An integrated magnetotelluric study of Mt. Etna volcanic structure 48
Self-potential, magnetotelluric and geoelectrical measurements (Etna) 47
Self-potential, electrical and magnetotelluric studies in Italian active volcanic areas 46
Etna: Self-potential, geoelectric and magnetotelluric measurements 46
: Generation of synthetic magnetotelluric noisy time series 44
The ERT method to investigate tectonically active areas: examples from Agri and Ufita Basin (Southern Italy) and Kastelli Region (Crete island, Greece) 43
Sinkhole evolution in the Apulian karst of southern Italy: a case study, with some considerations on sinkhole hazard 43
A new magnetotelluric monitoring network operating in Agri Valley (Southern Italy): study of stability of apparent resistivity estimates 43
Mount Etna structural exploration by magnetotellurics 42
A magnetotelluric study about the CROP-04 transect across the Southern Apennines, Italy 41
Analisi delle fluttuazioni nelle stime di resistività osservate nel monitoraggio magnetotellurico in Val d’Agri, 41
Three-dimensional magnetotelluric imaging of crustal and uppermost mantle structures of the Atlas Mountains of Morocco 41
Fault zone characterization as a challenge for em prospecting methods in the last decade: the Colfiorito case-history. (invited lecture) 39
A new magnetotelluric monitoring network operating in Southern Italy 38
Self-potential and magnetotelluric measurements (Vesuvius) 37
The Siena Graben: Combined interpretation of DES and MT soundings 37
Multiple evidences in the epicentral area of the 1857 Agri Valley earthquake (Southern Italy) 37
null 36
Shallow geological structures and magnetic anomalies in the Gulf of Naples (Southern Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy) 36
Fisher Information Measure Analysis of Earth's Apparent Resistivity 36
The use of statistical multiparameter approach for the joint interpretation of multiple physical property 3D Earth models: application to the Mount Etna Volcano (Southern Italy) 36
Study of the Simplon area geothermal anomaly in the frame of a transalpine deep railway tunnel feasibility project 35
null 35
null 34
High resolution magnetic anomaly map of the Bay of Naples (Southern Tyrrhenian sea) [Carta magnetica di alta risoluzione del Golfo di Napoli (Tirreno meridionale) 33
Fault characterization by magnetotelluric and geoelectrical methods: application in volcanic and seismogenic areas in Italy 33
Geologically constrained seismic/magnetic modelling: an example from the Campania offshore at 41° N (Italy, Tyrrhenian Sea) 31
A geo-chemo-mechanical study of a highly polluted marine system (Taranto, Italy) for the enhancement of the conceptual site model 31
A geophysical study of the Mt.Etna volcanic area 30
Sul problema del riconoscimento di uno strato elettricamente polarizzabile mediante misure magnetotelluriche 30
AudioMagnetoTelluric (AMT) and Geochemical data in the Campi Flegrei caldera 30
Design and installation of a new magnetotelluric monitoring network operating in Agri Valley (Southern Italy) 29
The magnetotelluric response over two-dimensional media with resistivity frequency dispersion 29
Electrical Resistivity Tomography Investigations in the Ufita Valley (Southern Italy) 29
Sviluppi metodologici sull'acquisizione e interpretazione di dati e.m. naturali (Tesi di Dottorato) 28
Shallow to intermediate resistivity features of the Colfiorito Fault System inferred by DC and MT survey 28
Mt. Vesuvius: Dipolar geoelectric tomography, self-potential survey and magnet soundings 26
Robust analysis for the characterization of the seismo-electromagnetic signals observed in southern Italy 23
Early mortality in myeloma patients treated with first-generation novel agents thalidomide, lenalidomide, bortezomib at diagnosis: A pooled analysis 22
Deep geophysical electromagnetic section across the middle Aterno Valley (central Italy): preliminary results after the April 6, 2009 L'Aquila earthquake 21
Carfilzomib, cyclophosphamide and dexamethasone for newly diagnosed, high-risk myeloma patients not eligible for transplant: A pooled analysis of two studies 20
Flank instability structure of Mt Etna inferred by a magnetotelluric survey 18
On the sensitivity of long-term magnetotelluric monitoring in Southern Italy and source-dependent robust single station transfer function variability 18
Denoising magnetotelluric recordings using self-organizing maps 17
Hydrothermal pressure-temperature control on CO2 emissions and seismicity at Campi Flegrei (Italy) 17
Application of electric and electromagnetic methods to the definition of the Campi Flegrei Caldera (Italy) 16
Electric and Magnetic Field Changes Observed during a Seismic Swarm in Pollino Area (Southern Italy) 16
New insights into the High Agri Valley deep structure revealed by magnetotelluric imaging and seismic tomography (southern Apennine, Italy) 16
Prime misure magnetotelluriche effettuate in zone di interesse del CROP 03 15
null 12
The Pollino 2011-2012 seismic swarm (southern Italy): First results of the ML=3.6 aftershock recorded by co-located electromagnetic and seismic stations 4
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