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Nome #
Economic evaluation of HIV treatments: The I.CO.N.A. cohort study 135
Active HCV Replication but Not HCV or CMV Seropositive Status Is Associated with Incident and Prevalent Type 2 Diabetes in Persons Living with HIV 129
Antiretroviral genotypic resistance in plasma RNA and whole blood DNA in HIV-1 infected patients failing HAART 115
Co-receptor switch during HAART is independent of virological success 112
Response to first-line ritonavir-boosted protease inhibitors (PI/r)-based regimens in HIV positive patients presenting to care with low CD4 counts: Data from the Icona Foundation Cohort 110
CD4/CD8 ratio normalisation and non-AIDS-related events in individuals with HIV who achieve viral load suppression with antiretroviral therapy: An observational cohort study 109
Chronic Inflammation in a Long-Term Cohort of HIV-Infected Patients According to the Normalization of the CD4:CD8 Ratio 107
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Cytomegalovirus coinfection is associated with an increased risk of severe non-AIDS-defining events in a large cohort of HIV-infected patients. 107
HCV mono-infected and HIV/HCV co-infected individuals treated with direct-acting antivirals: to what extent do they differ? 106
Low-level viraemia, measured as viraemia copy-years, as a prognostic factor for medium-long-term all-cause mortality: a MASTER cohort study 105
Improved virological outcome in non-B patients: a possible role for baseline coreceptor tropism 102
Cryoglobulinemia in subjects with HCV infection alone, HIV infection and HCV/HIV coinfection 100
Increased risk of virologic failure to the first antiretroviral regimen in HIV-infected migrants compared to natives: Data from the ICONA cohort 98
HIV-RNA decay in paired blood and semen samples of subjects receiving their first dolutegravir-based ART regimen 97
Evolution of major non-HIV-related comorbidities in HIV-infected patients in the Italian Cohort of Individuals, Naïve for Antiretrovirals (ICONA) Foundation Study cohort in the period 2004–2014 94
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A 75-year-old woman presenting with nasal vestibulitis 90
Potential diagnostic properties of chest ultrasound in thoracic tuberculosis—A systematic review 90
Impact of social determinants on antiretroviral therapy access and outcomes entering the era of universal treatment for people living with HIV in Italy 90
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Clinical and epidemiological features of HIV/AIDS infection among migrants at first access to healthcare services as compared to Italian patients in Italy: a retrospective multicentre study, 2000-2010. 89
Prevalence of diabetes mellitus in newly diagnosed pulmonary tuberculosis in Beira, Mozambique 89
Comment on: Integrase strand-transfer inhibitor polymorphic and accessory resistance substitutions in patients with acute/recent HIV infection 89
Hepatitis B and immigrants: a SIMIT multicenter cross-sectional study 88
Correlates of HIV-1 shedding in cervicovaginal secretions and effects of antiretroviral therapies 87
HIV infection and protease genetic diversity in a rural area of the Southern Central African Republic 87
An intricate case of multidrug resistant Plasmodium falciparum isolate imported from Cambodia 87
Cerebrospinal fluid compartmentalization of HIV-1 and correlation with plasma viral load and blood–brain barrier damage 85
CD4 and CD4/CD8 ratio progression in HIV-HCV infected patients after achievement of SVR 84
Ombitasvir/Paritaprevir/Ritonavir and Dasabuvir Combination Treatment in Patients with HIV/HCV Co-Infection: Results of an Italian Compassionate Use Program 84
Influence of HLA-B18 on liver fibrosis progression in a cohort of HIV/HCV coinfected individuals 83
HIV-1 biological phenotype and predicted coreceptor usage based on V3 loop sequence in paired PBMC and plasma samples 81
Projections of non-communicable disease and health care costs among HIV-positive persons in Italy and the U.S.A.: A modelling study 81
Renal function changes in HCV-infected patients with chronic kidney disease during and after treatment with direct antiviral agents 81
Reproductive choice in individuals HIV-1 infected in South Eastern Italy 81
Variability OF HIV-1 V2 env domain for integrin binding: Clinical correlates 81
Difficulties in classifying a/g recombinants: methodological problems or genetic variability? 80
Tuberculosis and diabetes: Current state and future perspectives 80
First-line antiretroviral therapy with efavirenz plus tenofovir disiproxil fumarate/emtricitabine or rilpivirine plus tenofovir disiproxil fumarate/emtricitabine: a durability comparison 80
Evolution of major non-HIV-related comorbidities in HIV-infected patients in the Italian Cohort of Individuals, Naïve for Antiretrovirals (ICONA) Foundation Study cohort in the period 2004–2014 80
The at risk child clinic (ARCC): 3 years of health activities in support of the most vulnerable children in Beira, Mozambique 80
Mortality in migrants living with HIV in western Europe (1997-2013): A collaborative cohort study 79
Social determinants of therapy failure and multi drug resistance among people with tuberculosis: A review 79
Timing of combined antiretroviral treatment initiation in male and female migrants living with HIV in Western Europe 79
null 79
Effects of Therapy with Maraviroc on the Carotid Intima Media Thickness in HIV-1/HCV Co-infected Patients 79
HCV and diabetes: Towards a 'sustained' glycaemic improvement after treatment with DAAs? 78
null 78
Immunological and virological response to antiretroviral treatment in migrant and native men and women in Western Europe; is benefit equal for all? 78
V3 sequences and paired HIV isolates from 52 non-subtype B HIV type 1-infected patients 77
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Genotypic analysis of the protease and reverse transcriptase of non-B HIV type 1 clinical isolates from naïve and treated subjects 76
Long-term durability of tenofovir-based antiretroviral therapy In relation to the Co-administration of other drug classes in routine clinical practice 76
Direct-acting antivirals for HIV/HCV co-infected individuals: as good as it gets? 76
Epidemiological multicentric Italian society of infectious and tropical diseases study on prevalence of tropical diseases in hospitalized immigrants in Italy during 2002 75
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Prognostic Value of the Fibrosis-4 Index in Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type-1 Infected Patients Initiating Antiretroviral Therapy with or without Hepatitis C Virus 75
Are the proposed env mutations actually associated with resistance to maraviroc? 74
Incidence of tuberculosis among HIV-Infected patients receiving highly active antiretroviral therapy in Europe and North America 74
Premature lesions of the carotid vessels in HIV-1 infected patients treated with protease inhibitors 73
null 72
Peg-interferon alpha-2a versus Peg-interferon alpha-2b in nonresponders with HCV active chronic hepatitis: a pilot study 72
Risk of chronic kidney disease among patients developing mild renal impairment during tenofovir-containing antiretroviral treatment 72
Is physician assessment of alcohol consumption useful in predicting risk of severe liver disease among people with HIV and HIV/HCV co-infection? 71
Reduced community viral load does not coincide with a reduction in the rate of new HIV diagnoses and recent infections: data from a region of southern Italy 71
Mutational patterns of paired blood and rectal biopsies in HIV-infected patients on HAART 71
Importance of Baseline Prognostic Factors With Increasing Time Since Initiation of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy: Collaborative Analysis of Cohorts of HIV-1-Infected Patients 71
Drug Resistance Mutations and Newly Recognized Treatment-Related Substitutions in the HIV-1 Protease Gene: Prevalence and Associations With Drug Exposure and Real or Virtual Phenotypic Resistance to Protease Inhibitors in Two Clinical Cohorts of Antiretroviral Experienced Patients 69
Incidence and predictors of cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, and diabetes in HIV/HCV-coinfected patients who achieved sustained virological response 69
Continued Decay of HIV Proviral DNA Upon Vaccination With HIV-1 Tat of Subjects on Long-Term ART: An 8-Year Follow-Up Study 69
Very high pre-therapy viral load is a predictor of virological rebound in HIV-1-infected patients starting a modern first-line regimen 69
Frequent cervicovaginal shedding of HIV-1 in asymptomatic, non-severely immunodeficient women 68
HIV-1 resistance to dideoxynucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors: genotypic-phenotypic correlations 68
Clinical validation and applicability of different tipranavir/ritonavir genotypic scores in HIV-1 protease inhibitor-experienced patients 68
Splenic abscesses as a first manifestation of Crohn's disease: A case report 68
X4 viruses are frequently archived in patients with long-term HIV infection but do not seem to influence the "inflamm-aging" process. 67
Rapid improvement in liver fibrosis in HCV-infected patients with or without HIV infection and DAA-induced SVR: A “turning-off” effect of liver inflammation? 67
Direct-Acting Antiviral-Induced Hepatitis C Virus Clearance and Herpesvirus Reactivation: A Double Face of Janus? 67
A 75-year-old woman presenting with nasal vestibulitis 67
null 66
null 66
Incidence and progression to cirrhosis of new hepatitis C virus infections in persons living with human immunodeficiency virus 66
Letter: chronic hepatitis C genotype 3 infection - still a hurdle toward a direct-acting anti-viral-induced HCV cure? 66
Safety and effectiveness of a 12-week course of sofosbuvir and simeprevir ± ribavirin in HCV-infected patients with or without HIV infection: a multicentre observational study 65
Predictors of therapy failure in newly diagnosed pulmonary tuberculosis cases in Beira, Mozambique. 65
Extended lamivudine treatment in patients affected by chronic active anti-Hbe positive hepatitis 64
Trend of estimated glomerular filtration rate during ombistasvir/paritaprevir/ritonavir plus dasabuvir± ribavirin in HIV/HCV co-infected patients 64
Focused ultrasound to diagnose HIV-associated tuberculosis (FASH) in the extremely resource-limited setting of South Sudan: a cross-sectional study 64
Brief Report: Drop in CD4+ Counts Below 200 Cells/μL After Reaching (or Starting From) Values Higher than 350 Cells/μL in HIV-Infected Patients With Virological Suppression 64
Simit epidemiological multicentric study on hospitalized immigrants in Italy during 2002 63
Use of efavirenz or atazanavir/ritonavir is associated with better clinical outcomes of HAART compared to other protease inhibitors: routine evidence from the Italian MASTER Cohort. 62
Pathways of care for HIV infected children in Beira, Mozambique: Pre-post intervention study to assess impact of task shifting 62
Survival in HIV-Infected Patients after a Cancer Diagnosis in the cART Era: Results of an Italian Multicenter Study. 61
A multidrug-resistant (MDR) HIV type 1 infection in a homosexual man and identified source patient 60
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