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ATP Sensitive Potassium Channels in the Skeletal Muscle Function: Involvement of the KCNJ11(Kir6.2) Gene in the Determination of Mechanical Warner Bratzer Shear Force 123
Reduced expression of Kir6.2/SUR2A subunits explains KATP deficiency in K+-depleted rats 119
A novel injectable formulation of 6-Fluoro-L-DOPA imaging agent for diagnosis of neuroendocrine tumors and Parkinson’s disease 116
Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors ameliorate the symptoms of hypokalaemic periodic paralysis in rats by opening the muscular Ca2+-activated-K+ channels 114
In vivo longitudinal study of rodent skeletal muscle atrophy using ultrasonography 109
Elucidating the Contribution of Skeletal Muscle Ion Channels to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in search of new therapeutic options 104
Growth hormone secretagogues prevent dysregulation of skeletal muscle calcium homeostasis in a rat model of cisplatin-induced cachexia 92
Acetazolamide prevents vacuolar myopathy in skeletal muscle of K+-depleted rats 91
null 90
Staurosporine Blocks the ATP-Sensitive K+ Channels and Induces Atrophy in Rodent Skeletal Muscles 90
A long-term treatment with taurine prevents cardiac dysfunction in mdx mice 87
Molecular determinants for the activating/blocking actions of the 2H-1,4-benzoxazine derivatives, a class of potassium channel modulators targeting the skeletal muscle KATP channels 86
Hybrid assemblies of ATP-sensitive K+ channels determine their muscle-type dependent biophysical and pharmacological properties 83
Atrophy and phenotype transition signaling exert opposite actions on the KATP channels of disused rat soleus muscle 81
Antiproliferative effects of neuroprotective drugs targeting big Ca2+-activated K+ (BK) channel in the undifferentiated neuroblastoma cells 81
Hybrid assemblies of ATP-sensitive K+ channels determine their muscle-type-dependent biophysical and pharmacological properties 80
Pharmaceutical development of novel lactate-based 6-fluoro-L-DOPA formulations 79
null 77
Dual response of the KATP channels to staurosporine: a novel role of SUR2B, SUR1 and Kir6.2 subunits in the regulation of the atrophy in different skeletal muscle phenotypes 76
The large conductance Ca2+ -activated K+ (BKCa) channel regulates cell proliferation in SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells by activating the staurosporine-sensitive protein kinases 75
Calcium-Activated K Channel Regulates Cell Viability in Hyperkalemic and Hypokalemic Conditions: Implication in the Neuromuscular Disoders 74
Therapeutic approaches to genetic ion channelopathies and perspectives in drug discovery 73
Molecular structure and function of big calcium-activated potassium channels in skeletal muscle: Pharmacological perspectives 70
Database search of spontaneous reports and pharmacological investigations on the sulfonylureas and glinides-induced atrophy in skeletal muscle 69
null 68
Commentary: A BK (Slo1) channel journey from molecule to physiology. 68
Phenotype-dependent functional and pharmacological properties of BK channels in skeletal muscle: Effects of microgravity 67
Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors are specific openers of skeletal muscle BK channel of K+ - deficient rats 67
Effects of Acetazolamide on alpha subunit of human BK channel expressed in HEK293 cells 65
Splicing of the rSlo gene affects the molecular composition and drug response of Ca2+-activated K+ channels in skeletal muscle 63
The hydroxypropyl‐β‐cyclodextrin‐minoxidil inclusion complex improves the cardiovascular and proliferative adverse effects of minoxidil in male rats: Implications in the treatment of alopecia 59
Bridging repair of the abdominal wall in a rat experimental model. Comparison between uncoated and polyethylene oxide-coated equine pericardium meshes 54
The KATP channel is a molecular sensor of atrophy in skeletal muscle 51
Effects of the antidiabetic drugs on the age-related atrophy and sarcopenia associated with diabetes type II 50
null 49
Expression of sarcolemmal ion channels in slow and fast-twitch muscles of rodents in simulated and actual microgravity 48
Calcium activated K+ channel as a target of prompt-to-use drugs in neuromuscular disorders 43
Phenotypic-dependent biophysical and pharmacological characteristic of BK channels in skeletal muscle and effects of microgravity 42
Biophysical and pharmacological characterization of K-ATP and BK channels of slow and fast rat skeletal muscle fibers 40
Ergogenic effect of bcaas and l-alanine supplementation: Proof-of-concept study in a murine model of physiological exercise 40
Pharmacovigilance-pharmacological investigations on sulfonylureas and glinides-induced atrophy in skeletal muscle 39
Drugs targeting the metabolically regulated ATP-sensitive potassium channels and big calcium-activated potassium channels in skeletal muscles: Pharmacological perspectives and therapeutic use 39
Structural nucleotide analogs are potent activators/inhibitors of pancreatic beta-cell KATP channels: an emerging mechanism supporting their use as anti-diabetic drugs. 39
The biophysical properties, pharmacological responses and molecular composition of KATP channels in skeletal muscle are muscle type specific 37
Single-dose extended-toxicity preclinical study on novel radiotracer formulations for use in the diagnosis of neuroendocrine tumor and neurodegenerative disorders 33
Bendroflumethiazide a potent opener of human BK channel : a new perspective for an old drug in the treatment of periodic paralysis 32
The biophysical properties, pharmacological responses and molecular composition of KATP channels in skeletal muscle type specific 31
Consequences of SUR2[A478V] Mutation in Skeletal Muscle of Murine Model of Cantu Syndrome 29
Ultrasonography validation for early alteration of diaphragm echodensity and function in the mdx mouse model of Duchenne muscular dystrophy 26
Utilizzo di safe dose di rTPA nel trattamento dell'embolia polmonare massiva associata ad elevato rischio emorragico: Caso clinico e revisione della letteratura 23
Phenotypic-dependent biophysical and pharmacological characteristics of BK channels in skeletal muscle and effects of microgravity 22
Pathophysiological Consequences of KATP Channel Overactivity and Pharmacological Response to Glibenclamide in Skeletal Muscle of a Murine Model of Cantù Syndrome 22
Emerging role of calcium-activated potassium channel in the regulation of cell viability following potassium ions challenge in HEK293 cell and pharmacological modulation 19
An olive oil-derived antioxidant mixture ameliorates the age-related decline of skeletal muscle function 19
β‐Dystroglycan Restoration and Pathology Progression in the Dystrophic mdx Mouse: Outcome and Implication of a Clinically Oriented Study with a Novel Oral Dasatinib Formulation 18
Effects of Pleiotrophin Overexpression on Mouse Skeletal Muscles in Normal Loading and in Actual and Simulated Microgravity 15
Opening/blocking actions of pyruvate kinase antibodies on neuronal and muscular KATP channels 13
An olive oil–derived antioxidant mixture ameliorates the age-related decline of skeletal muscle function 4
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