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London 1
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Noicattaro 1
Padova 1
Pinerolo 1
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Sabz 1
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Shaoxing 1
Tallinn 1
Terlizzi 1
Torino 1
Trani 1
Wenzhou 1
Xian 1
Yellow Springs 1
Zhangzhou 1
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Nome #
Assessing the results of scenarios of climate and land use changes on the hydrology of an Italian catchment: modelling study 106
Risultati dello studio preliminare della frana di Calitri (AV) mobilitata dal terremoto del 23/11/1980 93
Diagnostic analysis of distributed input and parameter datasets in Mediterranean basin streamflow modeling 89
Monitoring and analysis of suspended sediment transport dynamics in the Carapelle torrent (Southern Italy) 84
Effect of time scale on the performance of different sediment transport formulas in a semi-arid region 82
A GIS-based approach for Desertification Risk Assessment in Apulia region, SE Italy 79
Estimation of runoff, peak discharge and sediment load at the event scale in a medium-size Mediterranean watershed using the AnnAGNPS model 75
Assessment of Desertification in Semi-Arid Mediterranean Environments: the Case Study of Apulia region (southern Italy) 74
Analysis and modeling of debris flows in Gargano watersheds (Puglia region – Southern Italy) 73
Multi-criteria decision analysis for land suitability mapping in a rural area of Southern Italy 72
Modelling soil erosion and sediment transport under different land management options in a Southern Italy watershed 70
Modelling soil erosion and sediment transport under different land management options in a Southern-Italy watershed 69
Rheological properties and debris-flow modeling in a Southern Italy watershed 64
A Fortran program for preliminary extraction of drainage networks based on a DEM 61
Effective Water Governance and how to achieve 61
Continuous Monitoring of Suspended Sediment Load in Semi-Arid Environments 57
Sugli apporti odierni della geologia e della geotecnica nella problematica dei movimenti franosi 53
Debris flow risk analysis in south Gargano watersheds (southern-Italy) 50
Monitoraggio del trasporto solido nei bacini della Puglia Settentrionale tra il Candelaro e l’Ofanto 48
Impact of climate and land use changes on water resources: Example of Candelaro catchment, Apulia region, southern Italy 47
Planning in urbanised areas subject to risk generated by natural phenomena 47
Main types of torrential watersheds 45
Instruments of soil protection against erosion in chosen European countries. Part 1. Policies 45
Drought planning and drought mitigation measures in the Mediterranean region. In “Drought management: Scientific and technological innovation” 43
Aspects of drought historical analysis accounting for mitigation planning: the case of Apulia (Italy) 43
Institutional and administrative framework for combating land degradation: the case study of Italy 42
An ICT – based platform to support protected area management the INNOVA Approach 41
Activating rural development processes from the bottom-up: the European Community initiative programme “Leader” 40
Reactivation of mudslides after a long quiescent period: the case of Buoninventre in Southern Apennines 40
Gully erosion analysis and control 40
How bad is land degradation in the Mediterranean? 39
La restauration des terres dégradées par l'erosion canalisee dans les zones semi-arides 39
Water Saving and Increasing Water Productivity: Challenges and Options 39
Innova protected area “Management practices database 39
Analysis of some peculiarities of the DREAM model parameterization in a semi-arid basin of Southern Italy 38
Diques de gravedad 37
Participatory Irrigation Management: gaining benefits and rising problems. Advanced short course on Capacity Building for Participatory Irrigation Management (PIM) 37
Diques de materiales sueltos 37
Analisi a scala di parcella delle capacità antierosive di specie aromatiche mediterranee 37
Multinational projects / activities / achievements: overcoming limits and fostering opportunities for new strategies 36
It is the time to say good by 36
Sediment transport analysis at event scale in a semi-arid basin of Southern-Italy 35
Rainfed Agriculture Improvement: Water Management is the Key Challenge 35
Analisi critica dei risultati di una sistemazione idraulico-forestale presso Tursi (MT) 34
Dialogues on Mediterranean water challenges : Rational water use, water price versus value and lessons learned from the European Water Framework Directive 34
Geolithological, structural and geotechnical aspects of some arenaceous-marly formations cropping out in Central southern Apennines 34
The Medcoastland approach 34
Mediterranean Vision on Water and Action Plan for Implementation 34
Water quality assessment and control: the case of Italy 34
Gender and sustainable land and water resources management: targeting women in extension 34
La correzione dei torrenti da disfacimento di tipo calanchivo 33
ESAs (Environmental Sensitive Areas to desertification) model: supplementary indicators accounting for particular environmental conditions of Southern Italy 33
Perspectives of food security in Southern Mediterranean and the impact of agri environmental policies 33
The integration of Soil and Water Resources Management towards a sustainable Agricultural Development in the Mediterranean 33
“Planning “rural development” in a coastal area of southern Italy” 33
Analisi della serie storica di precipitazioni mensili rilevate a Bari (osservatorio) dal 1885 al 1989 33
Applicazione del modello ANNGNPS per la valutazione di erosione e trasporto solido nei bacini della Puglia settentrionale 33
Enhancing networking and exchange of information in the Mediterranean region: The MEDCOASTLAND Thematic Network 33
Gender Mainstreaming in Water Resources Management: Obstacles and Needs 32
How to achive the required food production to meet the growing demand? 32
Water scarcity management: building capacity is the key strategy 32
Le risorse idriche nel Mediterraneo: prospettive delle politiche irrigue e sicurezza alimentare nelle regioni aride 32
Instruments of soil protection against erosion in chosen European countries. Part 2. Practices 32
Verifica della funzionalità di una sonda ottica per il monitoraggio del trasporto solido nei corsi d’acqua 32
Characterization of areas sensitive to desertification in Sourthern Italy 31
Sustainable Land and Water Resources Use and Management: Participation and Institutional Aspects 31
Policies and politics in natural resources management 31
Technological Perspectives for Rationale Use of Water Resources in the Mediterranean Region 31
Analisi del trasporto solido a scala di evento in un bacino torrentizio della Puglia settentrionale. IX Conv. Naz. AIIA 31
A cross-scale perspective on resources degradation assessment in Mediterranean coastal areas. A case from Apulia (Southern Italy). First contribution 31
L’uso della vegetazione negli interventi di difesa del suolo in ambiente mediterraneo 31
Impiego di una sonda ottica ad immersione per il monitoraggio del traporto solido in sospensione nel torrente Carapelle (Puglia settentrionale) 31
An integrated approach to the reconstruction of the drainage network in soil conservation studies 31
The integration of Soil and Water Resources Management towards a sustainable Agricultural Development in the Mediterranean 30
Territory wind characterisation finalised to the activities of soil conservation by fuzzy geostatistics 30
Fuzzy and geostatistics approaches for risk assessment in resources management in Mediterranean areas 30
Caratteristiche fisiche dell’area di studio 30
Ricerca e Innovazione 29
Integrated Water Resources Management towards Long-term Water Security in the Mediterranean 29
Gestione integrata dei bacini idrografici 29
Water Culture and Water Conflict in the Mediterranean Area 29
Women Status in the Mediterranean: their Rights and Sustainable Development 29
The gender approach to the water sector: common problems and learned lessons 29
La difesa del suolo 29
Activating Rural Development Processes from the Bottom: The European Community iniziative Programme LEADER 29
Periodi invernali non piovosi nell'ultimo secolo in Puglia 28
Monitoring and modeling sediment transport in a semi-arid watershed 28
The effects of two human activities on land degradation in a typical area of Southern Italy (the Lama Balice-Tiflis watershed in the Apulia region) 28
Water resources in Italy: an overview. Advanced short course on Capacity Building for Participatory Irrigation Management (PIM) 28
Analisi del processo evolutivo dell'erosione gully con riferimento a un caso di studio 28
Global warming water scarcity and food security in the Mediterranean environment 27
Caratteristiche funzionali di una sonda a raggi infrarossi per la misura del trasporto solido in sospensione nei corsi d’acqua 27
“Water-land” related disasters: the participatory approach as integral part of the risk management 27
Identification of areas sensitive to desertification in semi-arid Mediterranean environments: the case study of the Apulia Region (Southern Italy) 27
Analisi dei deflussi torbidi nei piccoli bacini del Sub-Appennino Dauno 27
Amènagement de versants naturales instables 27
L’erosione dei suoli nel bacino del Mediterraneo e relativo impatto sui progetti di sviluppo agricolo 26
Valutazioni di pericolosità basate sui modelli di variogramma spazio-temporali delle precipitazioni: un’applicazione allo studio della siccità 26
La frana di Carlantino nel Sub-Appennino Dauno e i criteri per la sua sistemazione 26
Common guidelines for planning, management and evaluation in high environmental value areas 26
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