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Nome #
Elder Abuse: Perception and Knowledge of the Phenomenon by Healthcare Workers From Two Italian Hospitals, file dd9e0c64-cb8c-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 896
Patterns of infections in older patients acutely admitted to medical wards: data from the REPOSI register, file dd9e0c6a-96a4-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 216
Adherence to antithrombotic therapy guidelines improves mortality among elderly patients with atrial fibrillation: insights from the REPOSI study, file dd9e0c6a-5b7d-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 210
Prevalence and Determinants of the Use of Lipid-Lowering Agents in a Population of Older Hospitalized Patients: the Findings from the REPOSI (REgistro POliterapie Società  Italiana di Medicina Interna) Study, file dd9e0c6a-8e89-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 204
Coffee, tea, and caffeine consumption and prevention of late-life cognitive decline and dementia: A systematic review, file dd9e0c6a-099e-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 167
An unusual association of three autoimmune disorders: celiac disease, systemic lupus erythematosus and Hashimoto's thyroiditis, file dd9e0c6a-7e2a-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 147
Hospital Care of Older Patients With COPD: Adherence to International Guidelines for Use of Inhaled Bronchodilators and Corticosteroids, file dd9e0c6a-a14a-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 92
Nuclear receptor FXR, bile acids and liver damage: Introducing the progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis with FXR mutations, file dd9e0c69-7d82-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 89
Appropriateness of oral anticoagulant therapy prescription and its associated factors in hospitalized older people with atrial fibrillation, file dd9e0c6a-8a16-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 87
Prevalence of use and appropriateness of antidepressants prescription in acutely hospitalized elderly patients, file dd9e0c67-fc3f-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 85
Emerging metabolic risk factors in hepatocellular carcinoma and their influence on the liver microenvironment, file dd9e0c6a-7dab-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 83
Lysophosphatidic acid receptor LPAR6 supports the tumorigenicity of hepatocellular carcinoma, file dd9e0c67-6cc1-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 79
Safety of direct oral anticoagulants in patients with hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia, file dd9e0c67-660b-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 71
Extra virgin olive oil: Lesson from nutrigenomics, file dd9e0c66-0c05-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 68
Autotaxin is a novel molecular identifier of type I endometrial cancer, file dd9e0c67-6caf-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 61
Biliary Cystadenoma in a Female Patient with HCV-Related Liver Cirrhosis: A Case Report, file dd9e0c67-8599-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 58
Metabolic syndrome and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): The interplay among smoking, insulin resistance and vitamin D, file dd9e0c64-a00c-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 56
SVR12 rates higher than 99% after sofosbuvir/velpatasvir combination in HCV infected patients with F0-F1 fibrosis stage: A real world experience, file dd9e0c68-3a0e-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 53
Synergism of adipocytokine profile and ADIPOQ/TNF-α polymorphisms in NAFLD-associated mets predict colorectal liver metastases outgrowth, file dd9e0c67-a5d3-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 52
Intestinal nuclear receptors in HDL cholesterol metabolism., file dd9e0c69-dfa4-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 52
Hyperhomocysteinemia is an independent risk factor of atherosclerosis in patients with metabolic syndrome, file dd9e0c66-6e24-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 51
Rare diseases in the elderly: a new perspective for the specialist in geriatrics, file dd9e0c6a-3207-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 50
Polypharmacy in older people: Lessons from 10 years of experience with the REPOSI register, file dd9e0c6a-a59a-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 50
Uncoupling nuclear receptor LXR and cholesterol metabolism in cancer, file dd9e0c64-3537-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 49
Long-term Administration of Nuclear Bile Acid Receptor FXR Agonist Prevents Spontaneous Hepatocarcinogenesis in Abcb4-/- Mice, file dd9e0c64-9710-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 49
A case of sarcoidosis with isolated hepatosplenic onset and development of inflammatory bowel disease during recovery stage, file dd9e0c6a-acef-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 49
Choice and Outcomes of Rate Control versus Rhythm Control in Elderly Patients with Atrial Fibrillation: A Report from the REPOSI Study, file dd9e0c6a-b23a-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 49
High total cholesterol in peripheral blood correlates with poorer hearing recovery in idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss, file dd9e0c64-6b64-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 48
Prognostic value of braden activity subscale for mobility status in hospitalized older adults, file dd9e0c69-def9-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 48
Adding liraglutide to lifestyle changes, metformin and testosterone therapy boosts erectile function in diabetic obese men with overt hypogonadism, file dd9e0c63-c1b7-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 47
Evaluation of the performance of Dutch Lipid Clinic Network score in an Italian FH population: The LIPIGEN study, file dd9e0c67-6c27-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 47
European Reference Network for Rare Vascular Diseases (VASCERN) Outcome Measures for Hereditary Haemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT), file dd9e0c67-7a9f-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 46
Circulating levels of PAI-1 and SERPINE1 4G/4G polymorphism are predictive of poor prognosis in HCC patients undergoing TACE, file dd9e0c69-a5f2-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 46
Familial hypercholesterolemia: The Italian Atherosclerosis Society Network (LIPIGEN), file dd9e0c65-7c8e-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 44
null, file dd9e0c65-7c81-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 42
Prevention of serious infections in hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia: Roles for prophylactic antibiotics, the pulmonary capillaries- but not vaccination, file dd9e0c67-6adc-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 42
Corticosteroids for Acute and Recurrent Idiopathic Pericarditis: Unexpected Evidences, file dd9e0c67-7a9c-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 42
null, file dd9e0c66-7b6a-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 41
ADIPOQ rs266729 G/C gene polymorphism and plasmatic adipocytokines connect metabolic syndrome to colorectal cancer, file dd9e0c67-438d-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 41
Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Known and Emerging Risk Factors, file dd9e0c67-8b6e-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 41
Kikuchi-Fujimoto Disease in an Old Italian Woman: Case Report and Review of the Literature, file dd9e0c64-cf54-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 40
Need for deprescribing in hospital elderly patients discharged with a limited life expectancy: The REPOSI study, file dd9e0c67-7230-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 37
Congenital analbuminemia in a patient affected by hypercholesterolemia: A case report, file dd9e0c67-a5d0-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 37
Antiphospholipid syndrome: A case report with an unusual wide spectrum of clinical manifestations, file dd9e0c67-6e84-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 36
Identification of peculiar gene expression profile in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) of celiac patients on gluten free diet, file dd9e0c67-a427-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 36
Spectrum of mutations in Italian patients with familial hypercholesterolemia: New results from the LIPIGEN study, file dd9e0c65-80b9-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 34
Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, an unclear nosologic entity: Case report of an adult man with rising of amylase and lipase and spinal cord infiltration, file dd9e0c6a-9e4b-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 34
Elder abuse: perception and knowledge of the phenomenon by healthcare workers from two Italian hospitals, file dd9e0c65-e698-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 31
Role of oleic acid in the gut-liver axis: From diet to the regulation of its synthesis via Stearoyl-CoA desaturase 1 (SCD1), file dd9e0c66-34df-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 29
Obesity, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and adipocytokines network in promotion of cancer, file dd9e0c67-6cb1-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 27
null, file dd9e0c67-5d8c-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 22
A distinctive protein signature induced by lysophosphatidic acid receptor 6 (LPAR6) expression in hepatocellular carcinoma cells, file dd9e0c67-3883-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 20
DHPLC-based mutation analysis of ENG and ALK-1 genes in HHT Italian population, file dd9e0c64-e209-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 19
Interleukin-6, interleukin-1β, and tumor necrosis factor α in mestrual effluents as biomarkers of chronic endometritis, file dd9e0c65-51ff-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 17
Integrative miRNA and Whole-Genome Analyses of Epicardial Adipose Tissue in Patients with Coronary Atherosclerosis, file dd9e0c64-3060-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 13
Is hepatic lipogenesis fundamental for NAFLD/NASH? A focus on the nuclear receptor coactivator PGC-1β, file dd9e0c64-246d-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 12
Dietary intervention and prevention of cognitive-related outcomes in healthy older adults without cognitive dysfunction, file dd9e0c6a-19b0-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 11
The emerging discipline of precision cooking: a suitable tool for the precision nutrition, file dd9e0c66-65c0-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 10
Nutritional interventions in patients with Alzheimer’s disease and other late-life cognitive disorders, file dd9e0c6a-436a-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 10
Dietary patterns, foods, and food groups: Relation to late-life cognitive disorders, file dd9e0c67-aaa9-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 8
Liver involvement in hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia: consensus recommendations, file dd9e0c64-ef79-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 6
Extra-virgin olive oil from Apulian cultivars and intestinal inflammation, file dd9e0c6b-78f0-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 6
The emerging discipline of precision cooking: a suitable tool for the precision nutrition, file 07e9c79b-944e-4010-af48-eb8d07628b77 5
Evidence-based nutritional and pharmacological interventions targeting chronic low-grade inflammation in middle-age and older adults: A systematic review and meta-analysis, file dd9e0c6a-934a-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 5
Abusi e violenze sugli anziani: cosa ne pensano gli operatori? Primi risultati di una indagine, file dd9e0c62-cfb1-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 4
Sindrome metabolica e lavoro, file dd9e0c65-7303-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 4
Novel lysophosphatidic acid receptor 6 antagonists inhibit hepatocellular carcinoma growth through affecting mitochondrial function, file dd9e0c66-5e61-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 4
A recurrent, fatal, DRESS syndrome, complicated by sepsis and severe systemic cytomegalovirus reactivation at relapse: a case report, file dd9e0c69-a907-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 4
null, file dd9e0c63-1160-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 3
null, file dd9e0c64-5164-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 3
A long diagnostic delay in patients with Hereditary Haemorrhagic Telangiectasia: A questionnaire-based retrospective study, file dd9e0c64-e9aa-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 3
Biopsychosocial frailty and the risk of incident dementia: The Italian longitudinal study on aging, file dd9e0c67-adb4-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 3
1H-NMR metabolomics reveals a multitarget action of Crithmum maritimum ethyl acetate extract in inhibiting hepatocellular carcinoma cell growth, file dd9e0c6a-95b9-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 3
Fibroblast Growth Factor 19 modulates intestinal microbiota and inflammation in presence of Farnesoid X Receptor, file dd9e0c6b-3a0d-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 3
Suppression of Hepatic Bile Acid Synthesis by a non-tumorigenic FGF19 analogue Protects Mice from Fibrosis and Hepatocarcinogenesis, file dd9e0c6b-4505-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 3
Adhesion of platelets to colon cancer cells is necessary to promote tumor development in xenograft, genetic and inflammation models, file dd9e0c6b-5be7-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 3
Safety of reduced or absent antithrombotic therapy after left atrial appendage closure in patients affected by hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia and atrial fibrillation, file 5761491d-6683-4594-b2d8-7adf0a7fdcff 2
Therapeutic potential of the endocrine fibroblast growth factors FGF19, FGF21 and FGF23, file dd9e0c62-fb5d-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 2
Epidemiology of age related hearing loss: A review, file dd9e0c64-62f0-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 2
Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism associated with hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia, file dd9e0c64-ec98-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 2
Prevalence of peripheral artery disease by abnormal ankle-brachial index in atrial fibrillation: Implications for risk and therapy, file dd9e0c65-df47-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 2
Nutritional hazard analysis and critical control points at work (NACCPW): interdisciplinary assessment of subjective and metabolic work-related risk of the workers and their prevention, file dd9e0c66-8d2b-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 2
null, file dd9e0c66-cc4a-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 2
Deletion of Stearoyl-CoA Desaturase-1 From the Intestinal Epithelium Promotes Inflammation and Tumorigenesis, Reversed by Dietary Oleate, file dd9e0c67-5d86-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 2
Gender, BMI and fasting hyperglycaemia influence Monocyte to-HDL ratio (MHR) index in metabolic subjects, file dd9e0c67-6e94-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 2
null, file dd9e0c67-73bf-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 2
Additive Role of a Potentially Reversible Cognitive Frailty Model and Inflammatory State on the Risk of Disability: The Italian Longitudinal Study on Aging, file dd9e0c67-85f8-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 2
Pathobiology of Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Clinical Impact, file dd9e0c67-a267-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 2
Mortality rate and risk factors for gastrointestinal bleeding in elderly patients, file dd9e0c68-0c79-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 2
Diagnostic testing for SARS-CoV-2 infection in HHT patients: nasopharyngeal versus oropharyngeal swab, file dd9e0c6a-b023-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 2
Relationship between carotid intima-media thickness and non valvular atrial fibrillation type, file dd9e0c6a-c406-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 2
Liver fibrosis score, physical frailty, and the risk of dementia in older adults: The Italian longitudinal study on aging, file dd9e0c6b-56e2-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 2
Pathophysiology of musculoskeletal pain: a narrative review, file dd9e0c6b-7a56-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 2
Monocyte-to-HDL Ratio (MHR) Predicts Vitamin D Deficiency in Healthy and Metabolic Women: A Cross-Sectional Study in 1048 Subjects, file dd9e0c6b-c2a9-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 2
Effectiveness and clinical benefits of new anti-diabetic drugs: A real life experience, file 2fe7a8ed-ee95-4b80-a1af-04d8dc099f52 1
Med-index: a food product labeling system to promote adherence to the mediterranean diet encouraging producers to make healthier and more sustainable food products, file c17966fa-5fd6-44cf-b1ef-42bd797a5774 1
Liver transplantation for hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia - Report of the European Liver Transplant Registry, file dd9e0c62-8104-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 1
Genes and miRNA expression signatures in peripheral blood mononuclear cells in healthy subjects and patients with metabolic syndrome after acute intake of extra virgin olive oil, file dd9e0c64-3438-1e9c-e053-3a05fe0a45ef 1
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