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TitoloData di pubblicazioneAutore(i)
1Block of Na+ currents and antimyotonic activity on ADR mouse skeletal muscle by enantiomers of mexiletine analog.1996De Luca A; Natuzzi F; Pierno S; Jockusch H; Duranti A; Lentini G; Franchini F; Tortorella V; Conte Camerino D
2Ion channels, myopathies and drugs: therapeutic perspectives1999De Luca A.; Desaphy J.-F.; Pierno S.; Liantonio A.; Conte Camerino D.
3Changes in the biophysical and pharmacological properties of the KATP channels from muscle biopsies of HOPP patients1999Tricarico D; Servidei S; Tonali P; Jurkat-Rott K; Barbieri M; Conte D
4Relationship among stroke volume, time constant of pulmonary artery and sympathetic activity1991DAMBROSIO M; BORTONE A; NOCERA L; FEDERICI A; MARCHESE A; CHIDDO A; FIORE T
5Complementation tests and sequence analysis of seven genes controlling the formation of cytochrome c oxidase in Leigh disease1998Zeviani M; Petruzzella V; Ianna P; Fernandez P; Tiranti V
6Analytical nuclear morphometry in breast epithelium: from normal to carcinoma1991Giardina C; Serio G; Ricco R; Lettini T; Pennella A; Caniglia DM; Pesce Delfino V.
7H.G. Gadamer: traces pour une pédagogie herméneutique1999Pagano R
8FISH mapping of TCRG locus on sheep chromosome 4 reveals a gene arrangement different from that of human syntenic region1998Antonacci R; De Caro F; Lipsi MR; Massari S ;Ciccarese S
9Effects of chronic treatment with HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors on electrical parameters and excitation-contraction coupling of rat skeletal muscle fibers1994Pierno S; De Luca A; Tricarico D; Ferrannini E; Conte Camerino D
10Regional chromosomal assignment of ovine TCRA, TCRD and TCRG genes in sheep by FISH1997ANTONACCI R; LIPSI MR; MASSARI S; CICCARESE S