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"Soundscapes. Tempo, memoria e performance: il caso Sarah Siddons" 1-gen-2023 Dellarosa, Franca
Radical Reversals: Commerce and Natural Rights in John Thelwall's Farce _Inkle and Yarico, or Ingratitude Rewarded_ (1787) 1-gen-2022 Dellarosa, Franca
"_Frankenstein_, Language Learning, and the 'Perplexities of the Rights of Man'" 1-gen-2022 Dellarosa, Franca
"Between Stereotype and Sedition: Romantic-Era Geo-Histories of the Italian South on the London Stage" 1-gen-2022 Dellarosa, Franca
Hybridism, Visual Culture and the Pedagogy of Romantic Drama and Theatre 1-gen-2022 Dellarosa, Franca
Acting Bronze, Acting Black: _Othello_ and the Performance of Race on the Romantic Stage 1-gen-2021 Dellarosa, Franca
Awarding the Peterloo Medal: The Radical Free Press and the Manchester Massacre, 1819-1821 1-gen-2021 Dellarosa, F.
Towards a Labouring-Class Poetics: Recovering Edward Rushton 1-gen-2020 Dellarosa, Franca
“Teaching the Illegitimate: A London Street Scene and Other Stratagems.” 1-gen-2018 Dellarosa, Franca
"Figure dell’assenza: Comunità e alienazione in Silas Marner" 1-gen-2018 Dellarosa, Franca
Translating Spaces: The Case of Paul and Virginia 1-gen-2018 Dellarosa, Franca
"‘Ever plain is the mantle, the hues ever deep’. Edward Rushton: Poetics and Politics" 1-gen-2017 Dellarosa, Franca
Editors' Introduction - Editoriale 1-gen-2017 Dellarosa, Franca
"Edward Rushton: Biographical Sketch" (1814) 1-gen-2017 Dellarosa, Franca
"'Behold in these Coromantees / The fate of an agonized world': Edward Rushton's transnational radicalism" 1-gen-2017 Dellarosa, Franca
"La Questione Romantica" Special Issue: Edward Rushton’s Bicentenary - Cultural History/Legacy 1-gen-2015 Dellarosa, Franca; Gregory, Lynall
Talking Revolution: Edward Rushton’s Rebellious Poetics, 1782-1814 1-gen-2014 Dellarosa, Franca
“Dramatic Discourse and the Romantic Stance in Joanna Baillie’s Theatre" 1-gen-2014 Dellarosa, Franca
Introduzione. British Risorgimento: categorie possibili, dinamiche storiche, linguaggi di rappresentazione 1-gen-2013 Sportelli, Anna Maria; Dellarosa, Franca
Identità, narrazione, storia: Michele Amari, Walter Scott 1-gen-2013 Dellarosa, Franca
«All in silence mounts the lava»: volcanic imagery and politics, 1820-1872 1-gen-2013 Dellarosa, Franca
British Risorgimento II - Temperie politica e rappresentazioni simboliche 1-gen-2013 Dellarosa, Franca; Sportelli, Anna Maria
“Cast Britannia, Britannia cast away (Thy shame)”: schiavitù e (dis)onore della nazione nel teatro dell’età romantica 1-gen-2012 Dellarosa, Franca
Restoring Legacies 1-gen-2012 Dellarosa, Franca
“Yet you are a slave-holder”: Washington, Rushton, Garrison, and the Transatlantic Tides of History 1-gen-2012 Dellarosa, Franca
Slavery: Histories, Fictions, Memory 1760-1807 1-gen-2012 Dellarosa, Franca
"'Connecting across Centuries': Memory, Displacement, and Exile in Caryl Phillips' Stage Plays" 1-gen-2011 Dellarosa, Franca
'To know the name of things': George Eliot, Recollections of Ilfracombe, 1856 1-gen-2011 Dellarosa, Franca
“‘Thank you my Massas! Have you laugh your fill?’ Acting out Racial Conflict in Theatrical Limina” 1-gen-2010 Dellarosa, Franca
“Dramatic Theory and Criticism in Elizabeth Inchbald’s Remarks on The British Theatre” 1-gen-2010 Dellarosa, Franca
"Costruire la rivoluzione (del Sud): Toussaint L'Ouverture e l'insurrezione di Haiti nell'età romantica" 1-gen-2009 Dellarosa, Franca
"Re-Constructing Toussaint in the Romantic Era: History, Agency, and the Haitian Revolution (1791-1804)" 1-gen-2009 Dellarosa, Franca
"Darkness at 'the Heart of the Solar World': Commodity as Vision and Obeah in Benjamin Moseley's _Treatise on Sugar_ (1799)" 1-gen-2009 Dellarosa, Franca
_Slavery on Stage: Representations of Slavery in British Theatre, 1760s-1830s_ 1-gen-2009 Dellarosa, Franca
"Questioning the 'Enterprising Spirit of the People': Abolitionist Poetry in Liverpool, 1784-1788" 1-gen-2008 Dellarosa, Franca
"'No fear Jack's Obi-Bag': a Cross-Atlantic Hybrid for the British Stage" 1-gen-2008 Dellarosa, Franca
“Reading for the Nights: Echoes of the _Arabian Nights Entertainments_ in the Romantic Era” 1-gen-2006 Dellarosa, Franca
On Romantic Drama and Genres 1-gen-2006 Dellarosa, Franca
“Ye will discern mist and mystery at last”: The Gothic Laid Bare in Joanna’s Baillie’s _Witchcraft_” 1-gen-2006 Dellarosa, Franca
Secret epiphanies in Wordsworth's _Prelude_ 1-gen-2006 Dellarosa, Franca
Poetic and Dramatic Forms in British Romanticism. With an Introduction by Annamaria Sportelli 1-gen-2006 Dellarosa, Franca
“Cultural and Literary Perspectives” 1-gen-2003 Dellarosa, Franca
“Review” of L. M. Crisafulli, La realtà del desiderio. Saggi morali, teoria estetica e prosa politica di P. B. Shelley 1-gen-2000 Dellarosa, Franca
The Literary Fantastic, Bari: B.A. Graphis 1-gen-1999 Dellarosa, Franca; Intonti, V.
"R. Hughes, Danger [1924] – D. Thomas, Quite Early One Morning [1944] – D. McWhinnie, The Art of Radio [1959]" 1-gen-1998 Dellarosa, Franca
Drama on the Air. Introduzione al radiodramma inglese 1-gen-1997 Dellarosa, Franca
“Subversive Form and Meaning in _A High Wind in Jamaica_", in Welsh Writing in English: A Yearbook of Critical Essays 2 (1996), ISSN: 1356-0301 1-gen-1996 Dellarosa, Franca
"Una storia di mare: _In Hazard_ di Richard Hughes" 1-gen-1995 Dellarosa, Franca
"_The Loneliness of the Long-distance Runner_. Un'ipotesi di lettura" 1-gen-1988 Dellarosa, Franca
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