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Polar distribution of sodium-dependent and sodium-independent transport system for L-lactate in the plasma membrane of rat enterocytes. 1-gen-1980 Storelli, C; Corcelli, Angela; Cassano, Giuseppe; Hildmann, B; Murer, H; Lippe, C.
Transport of Inorganic Anions Across the Small Intestinal Brush Border Membranes 1-gen-1983 Murer, H.; Biber, J.; Scalera, Vito Dom. E.; Cassano, Giuseppe; Stieger, B.; Danisi, G.; Hildmann, B.; Burckhardt, G.; Lücke, H.
Transport of inorganic anions across the small intestinal brush border membrane 1-gen-1983 Murer, H.; Biber, J.; Scalera, Vito Dom. E.; Cassano, Giuseppe; Stieger, B.; Danisi, G.; Hildmann, B.; Burckhardt, G. AND LUCKE H.
Co- and counter-transport mechanisms in brush border membranes and basal-lateral membranes of intestine and kidney 1-gen-1983 Murer, H; Ahearn, G; Biber, J; Cassano, Giuseppe; Gmaj, P; Stieger, B.
Transport of L-lysine by rat intestinal brush border membrane vesicles 1-gen-1983 Cassano, Giuseppe; Leszczynska, B; Murer, H.
Na/H- and Cl/OH-exchange in rat jejunal and rat proximal tubular brush border membrane vesicles. Studies with acridine orange 1-gen-1984 Cassano, Giuseppe; Stieger, B; Murer, H.
Na-dependent D-glucose and L-alanine transport in eel intestinal brush border membrane vesicles 1-gen-1986 Storelli, C; Vilella, S; Cassano, Giuseppe
Na-dependent L-proline transport by eel intestinal brush-border membrane vesicles 1-gen-1988 Vilella, S; Ahearn, G. A; Cassano, Giuseppe; Storelli, C.
Basolateral amino acid and glucose transport by the intestine of the teleost, Anguilla anguilla 1-gen-1988 Reshkin, Stephan Joel; Vilella, S; Cassano, Giuseppe; Ahearn, G. A; Storelli, C.
Effects of membrane potential on Na cotransports in eel intestinal brush-border membrane vesicles: Studies with a fluorescent dye 1-gen-1988 Cassano, Giuseppe; Maffia, Michele; Vilella, Sebastiano; Storelli, Carlo
Brush-border amino acid transport mechanisms in carnivorous eel intestine 1-gen-1989 Storelli, C; Vilella, S; Romano, M. P; Maffia, M; Cassano, Giuseppe
How many Na+-dependent carriers for l-alanine and l-proline in the eel intestine? Studies with brush-border membrane vesicles 1-gen-1989 Vilella, Sebastiano; Cassano, Giuseppe; Storelli, Carlo
Do neutral amino acids and their N-methylated analogues share the same Na-dependent carrier in brush-border membrane from the eel intestine? 1-gen-1990 Cassano, Giuseppe; Maffia, M; Ramires, P. A; Vilella, S; Storelli, C.
Lysine transport by brush-border membrane vesicles of eel intestine: interaction with neutral amino acids 1-gen-1990 Vilella, S; Ahearn, G. A; Cassano, Giuseppe; Maffia, M; Storelli, C.
The Na(+)-dependent proline carrier, of eel intestinal brush-border membrane, sequentially binds proline and then Na+ 1-gen-1990 Maffia, M; Cassano, Giuseppe; Marcucci, D; Vilella, S; Storelli, C.
Na+/H+ exchange in the kidneys of eels (Anguilla anguilla) adapted to sea water or to freshwater environments: Studies with brush border membrane vesicles 1-gen-1991 Vilella, S.; Zonno, V.; Cassano, Giuseppe; Maffia, M.; Storelli, C.
Action of capsaicin and related peptides on the ionic transport across the skin of Rana esculenta 1-gen-1994 Lippe, Claudio; Bellantuono, Vito; Castronuovo, G; Ardizzone, C; Cassano, Giuseppe
Na+ and Cl- net absorption by the isolated skin of Rana esculenta 1-gen-1995 Lippe, Claudio; Bellantuono, Vito; Cassano, Giuseppe; Ardizzone, Concetta
Bradykinin stimulation does not induce intracellular Ca2+ elevation in cells from desmoid tumors 1-gen-1996 Cassano, Giuseppe; Susca, F.; Lippe, C.; Guanti, G.
Cyclosporin A stimulates Na+ transport across the isolated skin of Rana esculenta 1-gen-1997 Lippe, Claudio; Bellantuono, Vito; Quaranta, Angelo; Castronuovo, G.; Cassano, Giuseppe; Ardizzone, C.
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