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Mitochondria matter: Systemic aspects of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (nafld) and diagnostic assessment of liver function by stable isotope dynamic breath tests 1-gen-2021 Di Ciaula, A.; Calamita, G.; Shanmugam, H.; Khalil, M.; Bonfrate, L.; Wang, D. Q. -H.; Baffy, G.; Portincasa, P.
Role of Sumac (Rhus coriaria L.) in the management of metabolic syndrome and related disorders: Focus on NAFLD-atherosclerosis interplay 1-gen-2021 Khalil, M; Soukayna, Hayek; Nour, Khalil; Serale, Nadia; Laura, Vergani; Calasso, Maria; DE ANGELIS, Maria; Portincasa, Piero
The pros and cons of biological effects of herbs and herb-derived compounds on liver tumorigenesis 1-gen-2022 Khalil, M.; Calasso, M.; Bonfrate, L.; Di Ciaula, A.; De Angelis, M.; Wang, D. Q. H.; Portincasa, P.
Intestinal Barrier and Permeability in Health, Obesity and NAFLD 1-gen-2022 Portincasa, Piero; Bonfrate, Leonilde; Khalil, Mohamad; Angelis, Maria De; Calabrese, Francesco Maria; D'Amato, Mauro; Wang, David Q-H; Di Ciaula, Agostino
Gut Microbiota and Short Chain Fatty Acids: Implications in Glucose Homeostasis 1-gen-2022 Portincasa, P.; Bonfrate, L.; Vacca, M.; De Angelis, M.; Farella, I.; Lanza, E.; Khalil, M.; Wang, D. Q. -H.; Sperandio, M.; Di Ciaula, A.
Recent Advances in the Digestive, Metabolic and Therapeutic Effects of Farnesoid X Receptor and Fibroblast Growth Factor 19: From Cholesterol to Bile Acid Signaling 1-gen-2022 Di Ciaula, Agostino; Bonfrate, Leonilde; Baj, Jacek; Khalil, Mohamad; Garruti, Gabriella; Stellaard, Frans; Wang, Helen H; Wang, David Q-H; Portincasa, Piero
Unraveling the beneficial effects of herbal Lebanese mixture “Za'atar”. History, studies, and properties of a potential healthy food ingredient 1-gen-2022 Khalil, M.; Caponio, GIUSY RITA; Farah, Diab; Shanmugam, Harshitha; Agostino Di Ciaula, ; Hala, Khalifeh; Laura, Vergani; Calasso, Maria; DE ANGELIS, Maria; Portincasa, Piero
Gut Microbiota and Short Chain Fatty Acids: Implications in Glucose Homeostasis 1-gen-2022 Portincasa, Piero; Bonfrate, Leonilde; Vacca, Mirco; DE ANGELIS, Maria; Farella, Ilaria; Lanza, Elisa; Khalil, Mohamad; Wang, David Q. -H.; Sperandio, Markus; Di Ciaula, Agostino
Ramadan intermittent fasting reduces visceral fat and improves gastrointestinal motility 1-gen-2023 Abdallah, Hala; Khalil, Mohamad; Farella, Ilaria; Johnbritto, Jerlin Stephy; Lanza, Elisa; Santoro, Sergio; Garruti, Gabriella; Portincasa, Piero; Di Ciaula, Agostino; Bonfrate, Leonilde
Genetic and clinical features of Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF) in a homogeneous cohort of patients from south-eastern Italy 1-gen-2023 Di Ciaula, A; Iacoviello, M; Bonfrate, L; Khalil, M; Shanmugam, H; Lopalco, G; Bagnulo, R; Garganese, A; Iannone, F; Resta, N; Portincasa, P; Stella, A.
Prevention of Oxidative Stress and Diseases by Antioxidant Supplementation 1-gen-2023 Martemucci, Giovanni; Portincasa, Piero; Centonze, Vincenzo; Mariano, Michele; Khalil, Mohamad; D'Alessandro, Angela Gabriella
The Impact of Za'atar Antioxidant Compounds on the Gut Microbiota and Gastrointestinal Disorders: Insights for Future Clinical Applications 1-gen-2023 Khalil, Mohamad; Abdallah, Hala; Razuka-Ebela, Danute; Calasso, Maria; De Angelis, Maria; Portincasa, Piero
Gender-dependent impact of COVID-19 lockdown on metabolic and psychological aspects 1-gen-2023 Bonfrate, Leonilde; Di Ciaula, Agostino; Khalil, Mohamad; Farella, Ilaria; Chirico, Roberta; Vilahur, Gemma; Portincasa, Piero
Contribution of the microbiome for better phenotyping of people living with obesity 1-gen-2023 Di Ciaula, Agostino; Bonfrate, Leonilde; Khalil, Mohamad; Garruti, Gabriella; Portincasa, Piero
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