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The Dollar Auction Game: A Laboratory Comparison Between Individuals and Groups 1-gen-2019 Morone, Andrea; Nuzzo, Simone; Caferra, Rocco
A Trojan Horse in the peer-review process of fee-charging economic journals 1-gen-2020 Morone, Andrea; Dell'Anno, Roberto; Caferra, Rocco
The less you burn, the more we earn: The role of social and political trust on energy-saving behaviour in Europe 1-gen-2021 Morone, Andrea; Caferra, Rocco; Colasante, Annarita
Three doors anomaly, “should I stay, or should I go”: an artefactual field experiment 1-gen-2021 Morone, Andrea; Caferra, Rocco; Casamassima, Alessia; Cascavilla, Alessandro; Tiranzoni, Paola
Who Is Afraid Of The Dark? Some Evidence From A Cross-Country Investigation 1-gen-2021 Caferra, Rocco; Colasante, Annarita; Morone, Andrea
Consumer willingness to pay for bio-based products: Do certifications matter? 1-gen-2021 Morone, P.; Caferra, R.; D'Adamo, I.; Falcone, P. M.; Imbert, E.; Morone, A.
Bitcoin: Bubble that bursts or Gold that glitters? 1-gen-2021 Caferra, R.; Tedeschi, G.; Morone, A.
Unemployment and labor force participation in Italy 1-gen-2021 Nemore, F.; Caferra, R.; Morone, A.
Professional traders’ individual and social preferences under risk: Does group's wealth matter? 1-gen-2021 Caferra, R.; Morone, A.; Morone, P.; Storelli, P.
Is COVID-19 anticipating the future? Evidence from investors’ sustainable orientation 1-gen-2022 Caferra, R.; Falcone, P. M.; Morone, A.; Morone, P.
“Less is more” or “more is better”? The effect of asymmetric information distribution on market efficiency and wealth inequality 1-gen-2023 Caferra, R.; Nuzzo, S.; Morone, A.
Is the circular economy proposed as sustainability in firm mission statements? A semantic analysis 1-gen-2023 Caferra, R.; Tsironis, G.; Morone, A.; Tsagarakis, K. P.; Morone, P.; D'Adamo, I.
The salience of informed risk: an experimental analysis 1-gen-2023 Santorsola, M.; Caferra, R.; Morone, A.
Agents interaction and price dynamics: evidence from the laboratory 1-gen-2023 Caferra, R.; Tedeschi, G.; Morone, A.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 14 di 14
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