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Spray-dried mucoadhesive microparticles based on S-protected thiolated hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin for budesonide nasal delivery 1-gen-2021 Racaniello, G. F.; Laquintana, V.; Summonte, S.; Lopedota, A.; Cutrignelli, A.; Lopalco, A.; Franco, M.; Bernkop-Schnurch, A.; Denora, N.
From oil to microparticulate by prilling technique: Production of polynucleate alginate beads loading Serenoa Repens oil as intestinal delivery systems 1-gen-2021 Lopedota, A. A.; Arduino, I.; Lopalco, A.; Iacobazzi, R. M.; Cutrignelli, A.; Laquintana, V.; Racaniello, G. F.; Franco, M.; la Forgia, F.; Fontana, S.; Denora, N.
Development of purified glycogen derivatives as siRNA nanovectors 1-gen-2021 Racaniello, G. F.; Laquintana, V.; Vergnaud, J.; Lopedota, A.; Cutrignelli, A.; Lopalco, A.; Leonetti, F.; Franco, M.; Fiume, M.; Pontrelli, P.; Gesualdo, L.; Fattal, E.; Denora, N.
The Complexity of the Blood-Brain Barrier and the Concept of Age-Related Brain Targeting: Challenges and Potential of Novel Solid Lipid-Based Formulations 1-gen-2022 Sommonte, F.; Arduino, I.; Racaniello, G. F.; Lopalco, A.; Lopedota, A. A.; Denora, N.
Chitosan/sulfobutylether-β-cyclodextrin based nanoparticles coated with thiolated hyaluronic acid for indomethacin ophthalmic delivery 1-gen-2022 Ricci, Fabrizio; Racaniello, Giuseppe Francesco; Lopedota, Angela; Laquintana, Valentino; Arduino, Ilaria; Lopalco, Antonio; Cutrignelli, Annalisa; Franco, Massimo; Sigurdsson, Hakon Hrafn; Denora, Nunzio
Thiolated Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications: Mimicking the Workhorses of Our Body 1-gen-2022 Hock, N.; Racaniello, G. F.; Aspinall, S.; Denora, N.; Khutoryanskiy, V. V.; Bernkop-Schnurch, A.
Microfluidic-assisted preparation of targeted ph-responsive polymeric micelles improves gemcitabine effectiveness in pdac: In vitro insights 1-gen-2022 Iacobazzi, R. M.; Arduino, I.; Di Fonte, R.; Lopedota, A. A.; Serrati, S.; Racaniello, G.; Bruno, V.; Laquintana, V.; Lee, B. C.; Silvestris, N.; Leonetti, F.; Denora, N.; Porcelli, L.; Azzariti, A.
Thiolation of non-ionic surfactants for the development of lipid-based mucoadhesive drug delivery systems 1-gen-2022 Racaniello, Giuseppe Francesco; Knoll, Patrick; Jörgensen, Arne Matteo; Arduino, Ilaria; Laquintana, Valentino; Lopedota, Angela Assunta; Bernkop-Schnürch, Andreas; Denora, Nunzio
Direct cyclodextrin-based powder extrusion 3D printing for one-step production of the BCS class II model drug niclosamide 1-gen-2022 Pistone, M.; Racaniello, G. F.; Arduino, I.; Laquintana, V.; Lopalco, A.; Cutrignelli, A.; Rizzi, R.; Franco, M.; Lopedota, A.; Denora, N.
Cyclodextrin-based supramolecular deep eutectic solvent (CycloDES): A vehicle for the delivery of poorly soluble drugs 1-gen-2023 Balenzano, Gennaro; Racaniello, Giuseppe Francesco; Arduino, Ilaria; Lopedota, Angela Assunta; Lopalco, Antonio; Laquintana, Valentino; Denora, Nunzio
Direct cyclodextrin based powder extrusion 3D printing of budesonide loaded mini-tablets for the treatment of eosinophilic colitis in paediatric patients 1-gen-2023 Pistone, M.; Racaniello, G. F.; Rizzi, R.; Iacobazzi, R. M.; Arduino, I.; Lopalco, A.; Lopedota, A. A.; Denora, N.
3D printed mucoadhesive orodispersible films manufactured by direct powder extrusion for personalized clobetasol propionate based paediatric therapies 1-gen-2023 Racaniello, Giuseppe Francesco; Pistone, Monica; Meazzini, Chiara; Lopedota, Angela; Arduino, Ilaria; Rizzi, Rosanna; Lopalco, Antonio; Musazzi, Umberto M; Cilurzo, Francesco; Denora, Nunzio
Thermoresponsive mucoadhesive hydrogel based on Pluronic F127/ thiolated glycol chitosan for intravesical administration of celecoxib/ gemcitabine 1-gen-2023 Ricci, F; Racaniello, Gf; Denora, N; Gentile, L; Lopalco, A; Cutrignelli, A; Franco, M; Iacobazzi, Rm; Laquintana, V; Lopedota, A
Lipid-based nanoparticles: Enhanced cellular uptake via surface thiolation 1-gen-2023 Knoll, Patrick; Francesco Racaniello, Giuseppe; Laquintana, Valentino; Veider, Florina; Saleh, Ahmad; Seybold, Anna; Denora, Nunzio; Bernkop-Schnürch, Andreas
Mucoadhesive Budesonide Solution for the Treatment of Pediatric Eosinophilic Esophagitis 1-gen-2024 Spennacchio, Antonio; Lopalco, Antonio; Racaniello, GIUSEPPE FRANCESCO; Cutrignelli, Annalisa; LA FORGIA, FLAVIA MARIA; Fontana, Sergio; Cristofori, Fernanda; Francavilla, Ruggiero; Lopedota, Angela Assunta; Denora, Nunzio
Innovative Pharmaceutical Techniques for Paediatric Dosage Forms: A Systematic Review on 3D Printing, Prilling/Vibration and Microfluidic Platform 1-gen-2024 Racaniello, Giuseppe Francesco; Silvestri, Teresa; Pistone, Monica; D'Amico, Vita; Arduino, Ilaria; Denora, Nunzio; Lopedota, Angela Assunta
Chitosan and Anionic Solubility Enhancer Sulfobutylether-β-Cyclodextrin-Based Nanoparticles as Dexamethasone Ophthalmic Delivery System for Anti-Inflammatory Therapy 1-gen-2024 Racaniello, GIUSEPPE FRANCESCO; Balenzano, Gennaro; Arduino, Ilaria; Iacobazzi, ROSA MARIA; Lopalco, Antonio; Lopedota, Angela Assunta; Hrafn Sigurdsson, Hakon; Denora, Nunzio
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